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Check out important information below. All participants must follow the guidelines provided. 

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Why Focus on Manufacturing?

Manufacturing represents a significant part of our workforce in the Inland NW, especially in Spokane. The world relies on manufacturing to produce everything we use. We want to encourage students to explore opportunities in production, manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, construction, and other professions.

Why Write a Business Plan as a Competition?

We recognize the importance of entrepreneurship. America was built on it. This is one way we can encourage you to think of new ideas, generate creativity, and help revitalize economic growth. You get to be a part of our economic success as we build business models and create solutions to manufacture products right here in our own community.


How Do I Write a Business Plan?

There are several resources available with free guides and templates. We’ll offer a workshop presented by Idaho Central Credit Union to provide ideas as well. It does not need to be extensive - a simple plan will do. It just needs to have the information identified so we have enough to judge your idea.

Where Can I Go For Additional Information?

Check out the information on the other Competition pages (Competition Home Page, Information Page) and the full brochure you can download and print. 

Do I Need a Team?

Yes. Part of business is working in teams, and you will need one for this. We require teams to be between 3 and 5 members unless other appropriate accommodations are required. Any accommodation request is solely at the discretion of the Competition coordinators. Submissions that do not meet this criteria will be automatically disqualified. 

What If Someone on the Team Isn't Available for a Finalist Presentation? 

If your team is selected and you are expected to show up to a Round 2 or Round 3 event, but one or more team members cannot attend for any reason, participants selected for those rounds are still expected to present the team's plan. If there is a way to include the team member in preparing the presentation and clearly demonstrate it, additional consideration may be given to that category. 

Do We Need to Be Currently Enrolled in a Regional High School as a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior?

Yes. Participants cannot currently be graduates and must be at least sophomores. High school eligibility is limited to those identified within the Competition guidelines. 

Have a question? 

Below is the contact information for the Competition. If you do not get a response within 24-48 hours, please contact us again.


Phone: 509-219-9997

Program Director:    Dr. Wade Larson

                                     Director of Workforce Development (Wagstaff)

                                     President, Optimal Talent Dynamics (OTD)


Additional Information

All participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined within the Competition Information provided in the Competition Flyer and on the website ( While the program organizers have done their best to outline all necessary information and to make the necessary arrangements for due dates and events, there may be situations that require changes to the terms and conditions of the competition including, but not limited to, due dates, event dates, event locations, specific prizes and awards, sponsors, and other related information. All changes will be communicated via the Competition webpage and highlighted in the program information details. Participants understand and acknowledge that Competition coordinators may make these adjustments at any time, with or without notification (though we will do our best to make notifications of changes in a timely manner on the Competition webpage). 

Though general information is provided above on this page, additional information related to the competition, its guidelines, terms, and conditions are also explained on the other program pages. Participants are encouraged to read all information and details. However, regardless of compliance with reading all rules, judges will abide by these guidelines and expectations in their evaluations and outcomes. Judging decisions are final at all stages of the Competition. 

The Manufacturing Business Plan Competition is an independent program run by the Production and Manufacturing Institute. The sponsors, coordinators, beneficiaries, participants, and all others related to the program are not responsible for any information, content, activities, or outcomes related to the program. Participants, their families and guardians, and all others who participate in the program in any manner agree to release the Production and Manufacturing Institute and all associated parties from all liability that may result from the Competition or related activities.  

Any specific or additional information about the Competition may be obtained by emailing

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