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Download Our New Guide!

Check out our new booklet - "Experience Manufacturing." It outlines the Institute, its background, the program's impact, and how we plan to grow. This 28-page guide shares more details about where we've been and where we're going to help better prepare high school graduates for their future. 


Meet Nick, Zach, and Wilson as they measure and mark steel before cutting with the plasma cutter. They will be designing, manufacturing, and selling 5 firepits for the Institute. 


Sponsoring the Institute creates real experiences that expose participants to real-world opportunities. We place them in a situation where they learn about the manufacturing world and work as a team to design, manufacture, and sell products during an immersive program. 




Wagstaff, Inc.

Wagstaff, Inc. is a family-owned engineering and manufacturing leader in the global aluminum industry. Innovation, service, integrity, and quality are the cornerstone of 75 years of successful industry leadership.


Mackay Manufacturing

MacKay Manufacturing Inc. has offered discriminating engineering and purchasing professionals precision manufacturing services and industry-leading processes for over thirty years.


Pearson Packaging Systems

The industry’s most comprehensive, integrated single-source provider of top-loaded secondary packaging automation solutions – from individual equipment to integrated systems.


Career Connect Washington / Northeast

We are business, labor, education, and community leaders who are creating work-based and academic programs for young people to explore, learn, and earn money or college-level credit.


Spokane Workforce Council

We elevate local workforce efforts with critical insights, researched guidance, innovative funding, and strategic partnership – so that we can cultivate a flourishing Spokane, together.


Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace works side-by-side with customers and partners to dream, design and deliver solutions that redefine the future of the industry. By reaching across the markets and drawing on a vast portfolio of expertise, Collins makes the most powerful concepts in aerospace a reality every day. Collins is a great supporter of aerospace and manufacturing in the community.  

Your Investment

Where does the money go?

We know we ask for a lot. It's a lot of money to invest in a program. We get it.

We offer immersive exposure to the manufacturing industry.

High school kids can see if this pathway is right for them, and then show them what's next if they want more.

We know schools can only do so much, so we put kids in a setting that does more than talk about it.

They touch it, live it, feel it, and DO IT.

Here's where the money goes...


  • REWARDS... Participants earn points through their work and performance that they can use toward valuable rewards such as career-related or personal tools, equipment, gift cards, and more! 


  • MATERIALS: Wood, metal, and consumables. 

  • PROGRAM ITEMS: T-shirts, manuals, and materials.

  • FOOD: We keep them fed and hydrated. 


  •  "STUFF": Mileage, supplies, etc., to keep it going. 


Many contributors make it work. School partners contribute to teachers, buses, and facilities. Businesses contribute materials, mentors, and resources. 

Your Investment helps us maintain and grow the program!



Machinists Institute

The mission of the Machinists Institute is to build a better future for aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and machinist workers in our community through dedication to excellence in recruitment, education, and training.


Kaiser Aluminum

At Kaiser, “Best in Class” has been our way of doing business for the past 20 years. It’s a promise to our customers—and to ourselves. We create superior aluminum mill products for the most technically demanding applications for transportation, food and beverage packaging, and industrial markets and deliver them to our customers anywhere in the world - on time, or even a day early. We do all we can to improve how we do business today—then do it even better tomorrow.


Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Valley Chamber is the catalyst for building relationships, driving collaboration, and championing opportunity for the Greater Spokane Valley. The Chamber has been a supporter of the Institute from Day 1. They promote the Institute among their members and provide scholarships to eligible youth who live in the Valley to attend a trades-related program of their choice. Institute Graduates can apply for a program and receive funding for potentially the cost fo their entire program tuition or fees. 

Max Spalding

Max Spalding

Founder of Spalding Auto Parts, Max Spalding is committed to the development of the youth. He knows helping young people is the only way to connect them to the future. Bridging the gap between where they are today and where they need to go requires resources. Max has generously contributed to the program to support and enable its ability to bring participants in and offer them solutions. 


Optimal Talent Dynamics

OTD provides workforce development, leadership, and HR services to employers. They are committed to helping develop current and future employees and are helping the Institute develop new approaches to create experiences to optimize outcomes for youth participants. 



We know we need to do something...

Manufacturing is in desperate need of future workers.

Unfortunately, students are not exposed to careers in the industry. With so many pathways, countless opportunities await.   

We only need to open the doorway...

The Institute Provides That Option!


Join other businesses as we drive the agenda by placing young adults in a live setting. We assign them to production teams, set quotas, give them challenges to overcome, expose them to feedback, and so much more!

Join us as we shape the future.

It takes you to help us achieve the vision of

building tomorrow's professional and technical workforce!




Hotstart designs and manufactures thermal management solutions to optimize energy generation, storage, and delivery. Our focus on performance-improving cooling and heating technologies for industrial applications addresses sustainability and efficiency initiatives of OEMs and end users. Targeted, liquid-based thermal management for battery energy storage, standby generators, heavy duty equipment, and other powered systems provides better reliability and startability than alternative solutions.


NW I-90 Manufacturing Alliance

NIMA is a collaboration of manufacturers and industry stakeholders working to promote and grow the supply chain across Central and Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Montana. Key Industries Served: Aerospace, Space, Medical  (devices/delivery systems), Energy, and Precision Industrial Equipment.


Advanced Input Systems

New technologies present a lot of information and capabilities that can complicate a user experience, and that’s why Advanced Input System's mission is so targeted; for customers, we are the bridge that connects people with information, capabilities, and tools that enhance lives every day. Advanced Input System supports the Institute to help young adults recognize the value that comes from manufacturing's ability to make a difference in the lives of other people. 


Sonderen Packaging

Sonderen Packaging is family-owned and operated. We are in the business of manufacturing high-quality, custom packaging made primarily out of paperboard material. Sonderen recognizes the value that comes from developing the future workforce and is committed to helping youth explore, prepare, and launch into new opportunities. 


The Krumble Foundation

The Krumble Foundation is a private philanthropic operation dedicated to (among other things) the development of tomorrow's workforce. Investing in programs such as the Institute and Spokane Community College's machining programs, the Foundation makes a difference at the front line by impacting individuals by facilitating their ability to remove barriers and enter the workforce. 


Spokane Community College

SCC is a vital partner in developing tomorrow's workforce, especially in the trades. As a long-time provider of education and training in career and technical education, Spokane Community College helps students achieve success in their pathways toward machining, welding, engineering, designing, and so many other careers. SCC has been there each step of the way from the start of the Institute and continues to partner with us to help students achieve success. 



KXLY is a partner in promoting the Institute throughout the Inland Northwest and helping to ensure outreach to everyone. As a resource over the past two years, KXLY has helped expand information to more households to let more participants know about the program and its opportunity that allows juniors and seniors to participate. 



We Partner with 

Spokane Workforce Council

The Manufacturing Institute aligns with the mission of the Spokane Workforce Council's objective to build tomorrow's talent. We accept donations and manage stipends through their non-profit structure to keep the money focused on the program. 

Your Program Donation Dollars

Keeping it Tax Friendly...

 Check with your accountant for sure,

but your donation through Spokane Workforce Council allows contributions through the non-profit to optimize benefits for both of us. 


Your Investment allows more kids to gain exposure to a new world of possibilities!



Idaho Central Credit Union

The very core of what we do every day is “Helping members achieve financial success.” ICCU has supported the Institute and members learn about what it means to manage the business responsibly. Whether it's personal finances or company resources, ICCU recognizes the importance of helping youth understand how to manage and optimize finances to take care of themselves and others. ICCU is a great partner in helping promote youth development and career advancement. 


Altek, Inc.

Altek is a premier global contract manufacturer specializing in the aerospace, medical, space, technology, and defense sectors. They have been a supporter of the Institute from the start and continue to provide ongoing collaboration to help develop tomorrow's workforce. 

merkle standard.png

Merkle Standard

Merkle Standard is committed to building North America's largest sustainable digital asset mining platform. They support the Institute's efforts to promote innovation, sustainability, production, and manufacturing. Their support has allowed participants to engage, see new possibilities, and recognize the bigger world of possible outcomes.  


Control Freek

ControlFreek designs and builds electrical control panels for municipal and industrial applications, as well as virtually any custom application. They recognize the value of developing tomorrow's workforce and have partnered with the Institute to develop new opportunities to enhance career exploration models for Institute participants. 


Associated Builders & Contractors
(Inland Pacific Chapter)

ABC is committed to representing several employers to help to develop future workers in the trades. They support the Institute and its mission to develop tomorrow's workforce through ongoing engagement and activities to introduce young adults to careers in multiple fields. 


J.A. Sewell & Assoc.

JAS has provided high-quality professional services in Eastern Washington and North Idaho since 1919. They have expertise in Civil and Structural Engineering, Land Surveying, Land Use Planning, Building Inspections, Materials Testing, and much more.



Let's get started today

Contact Wade Larson, Institute
Program Director
(509) 219-9997 or (Cell) (707) 290-9121  

Wagstaff Email:
Optimal Talent Dynamics Email:

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