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Welding ● Machining ● Engineering ● Production ● Quality ● Business More   

Participants experience a 3-week program that covers all aspects of production and manufacturing.  We deliver an intensive team-based opportunity that lets them understand the inner workings of the business, production, operations, sales, and more.

From start to finish, we cover it all. 


Explore Careers in Engineering, Welding, Machining, Design, and More!

When we think of manufacturing, we often think of only one or two things - depending on our familiarity with the industry. There are fabrication, design, engineering, sales, raw materials, quality, shipping, business support, management, operations, and more.   

What if you could have a chance to "try it out" to see if you like it?


Our goal is to give you an immersive exposure to manufacturing. We won't make you welders, machinists, or managers. But we will give you a chance to try it all out...see if you like it.

The Basics

  • 3-Week Immersive Program Exploring Manufacturing Careers

  •  1 High School Credit Offered

  • Stipend for Full Completion

  • Participants Eligible to Apply for College Scholarships

  • Exclusive Tours of Manufacturing Facilities

  • Design, Create, Manufacture & Sell Your Product as a Team

  • See, Learn, and Do Every Step of the Process—Inside and Out!

  • Mentor with Engineers, Welders, Designers & More!

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Some of the Areas We Cover...

  • Product Development

  • Product Design & Basic Drafting

  • Shop Production

  • Intro to Engineering in Production

  • Production Planning

  • Demand Management

  • Quality and Process Improvement

  • Customers - How to Find Them

  • Sales & Marketing Your Products

  • Intro to Welding, Machining, & More


Your team will design, make, produce, & sell products from start to finish...all while learning how manufacturing is done in different environments. 

Other Perks

  • Special scholarships are available to participants.

  • Visit local manufacturers to see how they make and deliver products.

  • Introduction to Welding - What some call "the best day" of the Institute where we spend the day allowing participants to try out different types of welding. 

  • Intro to machining 

  • Hear from experts in their fields.

  • Sales events!! See the end result of your hard work.

  • Prizes for best teams (the outcome of manufacturing!!) 

  • Free t-shirts, takeaways, and lots of food.

  • You don't pay for this...we provide you with a stipend. 


Your Future

At The Production & Manufacturing Institute, we are passionate about helping participants design their future. Our mission is to provide students with learning opportunities to explore manufacturing and its potential.


Through our hands-on approach and expert faculty, we strive to give students the skills and knowledge needed to pursue career paths in this field. We are committed to providing an engaging and immersive learning experience, so students can gain the confidence they need to pursue their dreams.

What Is The Institute?

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