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Institute Products 

Check out products from the 2023 Institute  


When you purchase from the program, it goes back to fund more materials and activities for the Institute. It allows us to continue to re-invest and grow from year to year.  The more you buy, the more we can do.   


We will do our best to deliver to you at the most convenient times for both of us. Please know that we are still in production, so we will need to finish the products, have them ready for pickup, and get them all wrapped up within a tight window this next week. We appreciate you working with us to coordinate efforts. Per the information below...

  • We cannot ship products. Everything will need to be picked up from us at the schools, one of the onsite sales locations, or at the graduation on Friday, July 28th, at East Valley High School. If other arrangements need to be made, please send us an email

  • If you have a participant in the Institute program, they need to coordinate product pickup with us centrally.

  • We only accept purchases through the website except for the street sale that will take place on Wednesday, July 26th at the various locations for each site. We can accept cash at those locations on those dates only. (This is needed for money and inventory control.)

Thanks for your support!!! Your support helps us to keep the program going!


Thank you for another successful year of sales! Please check out the products we made this year!


  • Products are available ONLINE ONLY. This allows us to track inventory and ensure revenues are accounted for across 4 separate program locations. There will be a "street event" in each location where we will accept cash on a single day only. All other exchanges are online only. 

  • PRODUCT DELIVERY: Your products can be picked up at one of the 4 locations. After selection, you will receive notice via email as to when you can pick yours up at the school closest to you. It will be at one of the 4 participating high schools (East Valley HS in Spokane Valley, WA; Cheney HS in Cheney, WA; Riverside HS in Chattaroy, WA; Newport HS in Newport, WA). No shipping is available. (If you know a student - e.g., family member - we can coordinate delivery after payment.)

  • Pick Up by July 28: All products will be available during the week of July 24 and must be picked up by July 28th. We will send information in our e-mail about the pickup window. After the 28th, pickup will be coordinated by stopping by Wagstaff, Inc. in Spokane Valley, WA to pick up products. Questions about pick-up can be directed to

  • Products will be ready at different times and in different quantities. We are making a handful of firepits and many birdhouses and cutting boards. Their availability also depends on the teams' progress, how well they sell things, etc. We will keep information updated on the webpage and Facebook page about timing, but we should have sales available soon. 


  • Your payment for the products represents a suggested donation for the item described. You recognize that by participating in this program, your money is being donated to the Production and Manufacturing Institute program through the Spokane Workforce Council to fund ongoing programs and related activities. 


  • You recognize through your participation as a recipient of products or services of the Institute that products are not returnable nor refundable. Products are delivered "as is." We will do our best if there are minor defects and we can provide services to fix them. However, there are no guarantees, warranties, or promises - implicit or expressed - about the quality, longevity, performance, safety, durability, or other characteristics of the products offered through this program. Products are made as a part of a learning program. While the products are made of high-quality material following good manufacturing practices, and we expect the best outcomes, we cannot guarantee the outcomes of the products. If something happens and we can do a quick fix, let us know before the end of the Institute and we'll see what we can do - but we are limited and there are no promises. After the Institute is over for the season, we are unable to help. 

  • As a participant in the program through contributions, payments, or as a recipient of products or services, the product user understands all risks and assumes all responsibility for them.  The payor or user of the products uses the product at their own risk and waives all claims and liability against the Production and Manufacturing Institute and its participants, teachers, affiliate managers, sponsoring and supporting business organizations (e.g., Wagstaff, Inc., and all other sponsors, their owners, board members, employees, customers, affiliates, volunteers, etc.), school districts (including administrators, board members, teachers, staff, transportation providers, etc.), the Spokane Workforce Council (including all administrators, board members, staff, volunteers, affiliates, etc.), and all others associated with the program. 

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