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Thanks to those who submitted. Submissions are under review.

The Business Plan Competition is an opportunity to design a business, launch ideas, win prizes, and make a difference.

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Do you have an idea for a business in manufacturing, production, engineering, technology, or similar? Now is the chance to create your business plan. Tell us what you want to make, do, sell, and how to do it.

This will be a lot of work. You’ll need a team of 3-5 people who actively take part in designing and pitching the business plan. Be sure everyone takes part, share the workload, and have fun!

Be realistic. We are looking for your approach to being an entrepreneur. This m
eans telling us what you plan to do, a realistic way to launch the business, and how it can sustain a successful operation into the future.


We are looking for new opportunities within Manufacturing, Aerospace, and similar industries.

OUR GOAL: Create new manufacturing business ideas.


The winning team will earn: 

  • $1,000 Prize - Divided among winning team members.

  • Certificate of Recognition

  • Business Launch - The Manufacturing Institute will support the second-place team as one of the groups designated to launch (in part or whole) their business idea in 2024. Winning team members will lead the launch.

  • Present at the NIMA Conference - The winning team will be invited to present at the annual NIMA Conference (Northwest I-90 Manufacturers’ Alliance). You’ll be introduced to area employers to show them your best ideas!

The second-place team earns:

  • $500 Prize - Divided among winning team members.

  • Certificate of Recognition

  • Business Launch - The Manufacturing Institute will work with the winning team to launch (in part or whole) their business idea during the 2024 program. Winning team members will lead the launch.

  • Runner-Up - If the first-place team cannot meet its expectations, the second-place team will be offered the opportunities. 


  • $250 Prize - Divided among winning team members.

  • Certificate of Recognition

  • Manufacturing Institute Invitation - The third-place team members will have an open invitation to attend the 2024 Manufacturing Institute with guaranteed placement. 

All participants making it to Round 2 and beyond may also receive t-shirts, "swag" and other promotional items. 

Carpentry Class



Please note the following dates and details:


  • Start Date: Submissions will be accepted starting November 27, 2023.

  • Submission Due Date: All proposals must be submitted no later than Wednesday, January 3, 2024, by 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time).

  • All materials must be submitted through the Submission Page


The program is available to all students 15 years and older currently enrolled in high school within the Spokane region as a sophomore, junior, or senior. Program eligibility is dependent upon team members maintaining satisfactory grades, school attendance, and overall performance.


Submissions will be reviewed by judges designated by the program sponsor(s). Evaluators may include (but not be limited to) business professionals, teachers, and others. Submissions may be evaluated at any time following submission, so there is ONLY ONE (1) submission per team (no revisions after the initial submission).

Independent evaluators from industry, education, and workforce agencies will review submissions according to program selection criteria. Winners will be selected from among those received by the deadline.


Proposals are limited to business launch ideas within manufacturing, aerospace, and related industries. The goal is to demonstrate a plan to create a sustainable business that makes something to sell (profitably). While any manufacturing or aerospace production business is eligible, proposals focused on industrial manufacturing will be favored.


Materials must be submitted as a single document. It is recommended that submissions be provided in PDF format to retain formatting; however, MS Word is also acceptable. Other formats may be acceptable provided judges can open and review the documents using standard office software.


Submissions should be professional in nature, paying attention to detail, and sharing all pertinent information in writing. Any information shared via video link will not be considered as part of the evaluation. Only content submitted in writing will be considered for the contest.

Have other questions?

Be sure to review the information contained in the Competition Details page and within the downloadable Competition Flyer

Also check out our FAQ page for other answers. 

Ready to Start?

Read and agree to the Competition rules. (See them on the General Information Page.) When ready, submit your business plan by completing the form and uploading your document on the Submission Page.

General Info Page

Submission Page

Have a question? 

Below is the contact information for the Competition. If you do not get a response within 24-48 hours, please contact us again.


Phone: 509-219-9997

Program Director:    Dr. Wade Larson

                                     Director of Workforce Development (Wagstaff)

                                     President, Optimal Talent Dynamics (OTD)


Additional Information

All participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined within the Competition Information provided in the Competition Flyer and on the website ( While the program organizers have done their best to outline all necessary information and to make the necessary arrangements for due dates and events, there may be situations that require changes to the terms and conditions of the competition including, but not limited to, due dates, event dates, event locations, specific prizes and awards, sponsors, and other related information. All changes will be made known on the Competition webpage and highlighted in the program information details. Participants understand and acknowledge that Competition coordinators may make these adjustments at any time, with or without notification (though we will do our best to make notifications of changes in a timely manner on the Competition webpage). 

Though general information is provided above on this page, additional information related to the competition, its guidelines, terms, and conditions are also explained on the other two pages (the General Information Page and the Submission Page). Participants are encouraged to read all information and details. However, regardless of compliance with reading all rules, judges will abide by these guidelines and expectations in their evaluations and outcomes. Judging decisions are final at all stages of the Competition. 

The Manufacturing Business Plan Competition is an independent program run as a function of the Production and Manufacturing Institute. The sponsors, coordinators, beneficiaries, participants, and all others related to the program are not responsible for any information, content, activities, or outcomes related to the program. Participants, their families and guardians, and all others who participate in the program in any manner agree to release the Production and Manufacturing Institute and all associated parties from all liability that may result from the Competition or related activities.  

Any specific or additional information about the Competition may be obtained by emailing

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