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Several resources are available to help you learn about careers, what they do, how to qualify, and pathways to them. 


If you haven't selected a career yet, please visit the Career Assessment Page. 


It isn't easy to decide on a career you know nothing about. These resources provide more information about careers available to you. 

If you have not yet decided on a career, you may want to narrow your choices using the career assessment tool. It can make this step more efficient and effective. 

Career Explore Tools



Value Added to Pathway

WA Workforce Training & Education Board

Downloadable PDF Guide to explore career options.  

A comprehensive guide and resource to help you find answers and guide you on your journey to create and succeed on your career path. It's free and easy to use for students and parents. 


Students can see "a day in the life" of several positions within many industries. Manufacturing is one of several industries to view. 

Students can see "a day in the life" of several positions within many industries. Manufacturing is one of several industries to view. 

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Additional tools may include those listed below.


This site is an extension of the site you may have used for your Career Assessment. It is filled with extensive information and videos on hundreds of different careers. Examples are provided below for the following careers: 

With so many jobs and careers, it's challenging to know where to begin. Breaking it down into Career Clusters can help to narrow it down and focus your efforts. 

Science Class

WA State Career Bridge

The Career Bridge offers several resources to help you plan for future success. 

Explore Careers

Find careers that fit your interests by starting with a quiz that leads to the resources to help.  From there, link to...

Career Resources

Find resources like cost of living tools, tips for resumes, and other resources. 

Career Counseling

Find resources available from WorkSource to help you find your first job. 

Career Clusters

Learn more about job clusters like manufacturing and careers within them.

Apprenticeship Information

Learn about apprenticeships and opportunities to earn while you train for your career. 

Information for those with Disabilities (State Link)

Help with High School and Beyond Plan (State Link)

Explore CTE Careers


Career Clusters

These are major career groups with several individual jobs. Explore clusters such as Manufacturing, Hospitality, Architecture, and Information Technology. Visit the WA Career Bridge Career Clusters page to explore more. 

Career Paths

Within the clusters are groups of occupations. These occupations share common skills, knowledge, and interests. To see all the careers in a career pathway, click on the Career Cluster within the Clusters page (see the link above). Examples of Paths for Manufacturing include: 


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How does this fit in with the

High School & Beyond Plan?

For students in Washington, The High School and Beyond Plan is a requirement to guide them to a career pathway of their choice. 

The plan personalizes experiences. It also helps students align goals after school with personal values, strengths, passions, and long-term goals. 

Each student must have the Plan to guide their high school experience and prepare them for postsecondary education or training and career.

The Challenge

Students start their plans in seventh or eighth grade and continue to revise them throughout high school. Unfortunately, most students have not been exposed to many careers.  This means they build life plans around unfamiliar careers or those for which they are mismatched.  

Our Goal

This helps you explore career options, improve your preparation, and ultimately launch your future. Use this to IMPROVE THE OUTCOME OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL & BEYOND PLAN.

High School & Beyond Plan Resources

Click here to view Ready WA and resources to help you prepare and complete your Plan. 

Ready WA's resources to help you understand the HS&B Plan. 

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