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Explore Careers

Information for Pathways


It isn't easy to decide on a career you know nothing about. These resources can help you learn about careers, what they do, how to qualify, and pathways to them. 


You may want to narrow your choices using the career assessment tool if you have not decided on a career. It can make this step more efficient and effective. 


Career Clusters

Start Broad, Then Narrow Your Choice

Industries like Manufacturing, Aerospace, and other trades have many career tracks. To learn more, you may want to start by exploring broad CAREER CLUSTERS to understand what they do. From there, you can narrow down a career that matches your interests and talents more specifically.  

Career Paths

Within the clusters are occupation groups that share common skills, knowledge, and interests. Examples of Manufacturing Career Paths include: 

Welding specialist
Playing a Shooting Game


Several tools are available to help narrow down your career, learn more, and gain insights. (Be sure to check out the Career Assessment Page to find your matching career.)


This site contains information and videos on hundreds of careers. For example: 

With so many career options, it may be challenging to know where to begin. Breaking it down into Career Clusters can help to narrow it down and focus your efforts. 

WA State Career Bridge

The Career Bridge offers several resources to help you plan for future success. 

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How does this fit in with the

High School & Beyond Plan?

For students in Washington, The High School and Beyond Plan is a requirement to guide them to a career pathway. 

The plan personalizes experiences and helps students align goals with personal values, strengths, and interests. 

Student must have a Plan to guide their experience and prepare for postsecondary success.

The Challenge

Students start their plans in seventh or eighth grade and continue to revise throughout high school. Unfortunately, most students have not been exposed to many careers. This may result in building a career plan around unfamiliar careers that may be a mismatch.  

Our Goal

We help you explore careers and ultimately launch your future. Use this to IMPROVE THE OUTCOME OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL AND BEYOND PLAN.

High School & Beyond Plan Resources

View Ready WA and resources to help you prepare and complete your Plan.

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