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Our sponsors make the Institute possible. They are the backbone of the manufacturing industry, including employers, educators, and supporters. Thanks to our supporters for helping us provide the programs and opportunities to present the programs to our Institute participants.

Read more about how you can sponsor the Manufacturing Institute.

See more information below or you can download the Business Partnership Prospectus by clicking the following image. 




The current workforce shortage is not short-term. It will last for a generation or longer. Besides that, we need more opportunities to expose the future workforce to the trades.


Your business can be directly exposed to dozens of future workers and thousands throughout the region via media and information shared with students, customers, parents, and the community.  


We have found this "coopetition" model to work best. As we get to know one another better in the business community, we have grown stronger in finding solutions to many other problems. 


As a community leader, you stand out. Your business has an opportunity to demonstrate what it takes to succeed, share guidance with Institute participants, and help them to achieve their goals.

Furniture Factory


There are several ways you can help to make a difference. If you're ready to donate , we'll get you connected with Spokane Workforce to get things moving. 

If you have questions or want to talk more about the Institute, please reach out. 

Dr. Wade Larson

Program Director 


General Questions?


Fair question. Every investor should ask that. Here are a few examples of where the money is spent: 


Each participant that completes the program receives a stipend. The stipend last year was $1,500 per person. We would like to continue to match that. (Depends on donations.)


We go through a lot of materials to make the products. This includes the "consumables" like sand paper, drill bits, saw blades, and on occasion new items that allow us to make some of the items.


While we get a lot of assistance from the school lunch programs or students bring their own, we also provide a LOT of water and snacks. (An abundant amount of Rice Krispy Treats, for example.)


Most facilities have what is needed to build and make the products we sell. On occassion, we need to purchase or replace machines to get the job done. 


An important part of the Institute experience is fieldtrips to manufacturers that allow participants to see how manufacturing is accomplished. This takes money for busses.


Depending on sponsorships, most years have allowed us to offer competitive scholarships to Institute participants for post-high school education (e.g., college, training, etc.).


Other expenses such as swag, t-shirts, sweatshirts, program administration, direct expenses, and everything else are included.  

NOTE: Personnel costs are NOT included. Each partner organization (e.g., school, sponsor who offers volunteers to help) take care of any direct employment costs such as pay and benefits. (Exceptions include bus drivers or others not directly involved in the provision of Institute-related instruction or programmatic services.)

Wagstaff, Inc.

Wagstaff, Inc. is a family owned, American engineering/ manufacturing leader in the global aluminum industry. Innovation, service, integrity, and quality are the foundational cornerstones underpinning 75 years of successful industry leadership.

W_Inc Logo_ClearBG_3x3.png

Pearson Packaging

The industry’s most comprehensive, integrated single source provider of top-loaded secondary packaging automation solutions – from individual equipment to integrated systems.


Idaho Central Credit Union

ICCU’s mission is “Helping members achieve financial success.” This is core to what we do every day.To achieve our goal of providing exceptional, service, and our diverse membership, it's imperative we instill trust and loyalty in all aspects of offering financial solutions to members. 


Mackay Manufacturing

MacKay Manufacturing Inc. is a precision facility thriving on close tolerance and challenging work. Customers in aerospace, semi-conductor, medical and other industries depend on MacKay Manufacturing Inc. to meet every requirement from prototyping and initial set-up to shipping of finished products.

Machinists Institute

The mission of the Machinists Institute is to build a better future for aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and machinist workers in our community through dedication to excellence in recruitment, education, and training.


Career Connect Washington

We are business, labor, education, and community leaders who are creating work-based and academic programs for young people to explore, learn, and earn money or college level credit.



Hotstart designs and manufactures thermal management solutions to optimize energy generation, storage, and delivery. Our focus on performance-improving cooling and heating technologies for industrial applications addresses sustainability and efficiency initiatives of OEMs and end users. Targeted, liquid-based thermal management for battery energy storage, standby generators, heavy duty equipment, and other powered systems provides better reliability and startability than alternative solutions.

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